Frequently Asked Questions

What animals can be treated?

We have experience in treating dogs, cats, horses and rabbits as well as more exotic patients.

Where are animals treated?

We offer a variety of locations. We have clinics in Wimbledon and Betchworth. We can also arrange home visits within our catchment area.

We have the use of canine hydrotherapy facilities in Crossways Kennels in Betchworth.

Horses can be treated in their own yard.

What is the cost of treatment?

Fees vary according to location of treatment and length of session needed. Contact us for a free quote.

Most insurance companies cover physiotherapy, consult your policy or contact your insurance company if you are unsure.

What Conditions are treated?

Conditions that affect movement and/or cause pain such as:

  • After orthopaedic surgery
  • Musculoskeletal conditions including arthritis/degenerative joint disease, spinal problems
  • Injuries to muscles tendons and ligaments,treatment after fracture
  • Neurological conditions including degenerativemyelopathy, ischemic myelopathy, nerve lesionsand rehabilitation after CVA (stroke)
  • Problems in the athletic animalIf you are unsure whether your animal can be helped why not contact us for a free telephone consultation

How often should my animal be seen?

This depends entirely on the problem, and the level of care you wish to provide. An agility dog with a specific muscle tightness may only need 1 session. A dog recovering from spinal surgery can be seen daily. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements via email or in a free telephone consultation.