Physiotherapy for animals offers many of the same treatment options that are available for people. Have you ever had physiotherapy? It is likely that you may have been given:

Exercises – both in therapy sessions and in
an individual exercise plan to be done at home between sessions

• Manual therapy – joint mobilisation and manipulation, massage and other soft tissue techniques including acupressure. Trigger point release and myofascial release

• Advice – on how to manage and improve the condition

• Electrotherapy – ultrasound, laser therapy, laser acupuncture, Neuromuscular electrical stimulation, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, electromagnetic therapy.

After an initial 45-min assessment your physiotherapist will formulate an individual plan of treatment to address your pet or horses specific problems. You will be given a copy of this plan, as will your vet.

You can be present throughout treatment and often be shown techniques to use.

We are very keen to ensure each animal has a positive experience, dog or cat owners may wish to provide their pets favourite treats, toy or blanket for the session.