We provide physiotherapist directed hydrotherapy for dogs either by itself or as part of the physiotherapy session.

Physiotherapists use their knowledge of biomechanics and the specific physical qualities of water to construct the optimum hydrotherapy programme for your dog.

We have the use of a pool and water treadmill at Crossways kennels in Betchworth. Here water quality and temperature are maintained at optimal levels and there is ample parking.


Swimming is wonderful exercise especially for dogs that have difficulty weight-bearing through weakness or pain.

Swimming uses the resistance of water to improve muscle function and the buoyancy of water to help improve joint movement.


The water treadmill is a useful piece of equipment that can produce amazing results.

Most dogs take well to the treadmill if introduced to it slowly and calmly. Your dog will walk (or be lifted) up the ramp into the tank and the warm water level raised to the appropriate level for the specific problem.

The treadmill is then turned on and your dog walks or runs as you stand in front to encourage him/her.

Treadmill work has many permutations; the water level and speed of the treadmill can be altered to provide many therapeutic effects. In addition we may use floats, limb bandages and manual support and muscle facilitation during sessions.